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We support you in depicting all business transactions in electronic form and provide efficient, secure, and transparent procurement processes. We work with you to draw up solutions that are tailored to your company. Our employees work with you to analyze business processes and highlight potential savings - for example with our Online Shop, which also allows orders to be placed via scanner or grants access via OCI, as well as our electronic catalogs in all standard formats for your ERP or eProcurement system.  

Your benefits

  • More than 150,000 items in electronic form
  • Time saving thanks to faster ordering processing
  • Detailed evaluation and comprehensive statistics
  • Efficient and secure procurement
  • Lower error rates
  • Transparent and optimized procurement processes

Our eSolutions

Our Onlineshop grants you convenient and around-the-clock access to our delivery range. 


OCI allows you to access daily updated product data directly from your merchandise management system.

Working in coordination with you, we draw up a customer-specific catalog in electronic form.

We are represented on various procurement platforms and marketplaces.


We exchange all incoming and outgoing business transactions with you.