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These statements and regulations on sustainability, compliance and social responsibility form the framework for all activities of Keller & Kalmbach. The shareholders are committed to it, as are the management, all employees and the supervisory board. All this is summarized and explained in detail in the Keller & Kalmbach sustainability report. 

Introductory considerations

Together with all employees, the shareholders, the supervisory board and the management of Keller & Kalmbach have summarized and focused various aspects in the sustainability report, which we have of course already been paying attention to for some time and which, among other things, have also resulted in various certifications. The result is this report, which accentuates and reveals many things that were perhaps not so present and conscious before. At the same time, however, we also have an outlook on new goals that we want to achieve in the coming years.

Fair and friendly to the environment

We can all only live and prosper in close interaction with the environment. Making this relationship harmonious and friendly should be the goal of every individual but also of a company.

Our environment consists of different areas and each of these environmental areas has its own expectations towards us. Our goal is to meet the expectations and requirements of all these areas; be it Keller & Kalmbach's internal and external stakeholders or our natural environment.

Corporate goals

For example, our customers expect good value for money, top quality, reliability, innovation and respectful treatment of resources, the environment and business partners. Employees want secure jobs, good working conditions, work-life balance and professional development opportunities. And the owners expect long-term asset preservation.

Our company constitution demonstrates our efforts to do justice to all stakeholders and defines as our most important corporate goals

  • To be successful as an independent family business
  • Satisfied and motivated employees
  • Strengthening profitability and thus financial independence
  • Securing jobs through continuous profitable growth
  • Positioning among the top 3 in the respective business area


In pursuing these goals, we adhere to the Keller & Kalmbach principles:

  • We deliver what we promise
  • We make our customers more successful with customized solutions
  • We have style

For many years, our corporate motto has summed all this up: fit. fair. friendly. to nature, fellow human beings and business partners!

The Keller & Kalmbach business model - the essential contribution to sustainability

The core of the business model consists of three elements:

Supply chain optimization.
Keller & Kalmbach organizes the most effective, sustainable flow of materials and helps avoid waste.

Data transparency
Our customers have a full overview at all times of where things were, are and will be at any given time.

Best connections
We help our customers to design and assemble their fastening products in the best possible way.

Making our customers more successful is our goal. In doing so, we follow the motto: 
You don't have to care, we do!

The emissions of a company's supply chain are on average more than five times higher than the direct emissions of the company (according to SAP board member Saueressig). Keller & Kalmbach's business model does a significant job of optimizing our customers' supply chain. It reduces complexity and avoids a large number of transactions and helps to drastically reduce administrative and transport processes by bundling them in C-parts management. Our business model thus makes a major contribution to sustainability.

Goals for the coming years

 "Only those who know their destination will find the way." Lao Tzu 


CO2 reduction by 25% by 2022-2025.

Means to this:

  • Solar modules in Hilpoltstein and Unterschleißheim
  • Reduction of fuel consumption in company vehicles
  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Increase in C-parts management
  • Employee sensitization

Waste separation at all Keller & Kalmbach sites.

Solar module on the roof of our central warehouse in Hilpolstein, photo taken in June 2022

Social responsibility

  • Increase awareness as an employer
  • Improve employee satisfaction (measurement by employee survey)
  • Improve customer satisfaction (measurement by customer survey)
  • Employee development: Develop a concept for employee appraisals, hire a representative for employee development and training
  • Increase training rate to 9
  • Increase health rate to > 95
  • No accidents at work

On our Social Commitment page you can find out more about our social responsibility, environmentally conscious business practices and corporate ethics.